As new soon to be mums, your first instinct when shopping for your baby is to look for cheap products and hand me downs because you have to start saving money for the crib that you saw in a shop. This is where every parent goes wrong. Buying hand me downs for your first new born baby or using the same towel sheets for your second child. Although hand me downs are emotional and nice, some of them are not safe enough for your new born. As much as you would want to save some money on your income, it’s advisable not to have everything that is a second hand or used by for other kids. Here’s a list of things that you shouldn’t pass down to your new born baby and why you shouldn’t.


Toys are not very expensive and all your newborn would need is a rattler or baby gym. The soft toys are not that expensive and you can always opt out from getting second hand toys for your little one. As parents we know that the only thing a new born can do is latch on to things and suck them. While this may sound cute, it won’t be cute enough to know that your newborn is nibbling away toy that has been used by another kid. New toys are your best option, so avoid looking for hand me downs.

Personal items

It’s always nice to pamper your second daughter with trendy online baby shop Australia from their siblings but their feeding bottle? Not so much. Don’t hesitate to consider that personal items such as breast pumps, and feeding bottles are okay to be used as hand me downs. This may sound as a tempting offer with the financial situations but decline it and buy your new personal accessories.

Stained and old appliances

A stroller and a car seat may sound like the last thing that is affordable but consider how much you want your baby to be healthy and safe. You do not want to place your child in a stroller that has juice box spilt all over it. As much as we like to get hand me downs, don’t offer to buy items with stains and that are beyond their expired dates.

Baby pacifiers and pads

While you might look for baby clothes online decline any pop up selling pacifiers and used pads of any kind. It could be a breast pad or a changing pad but these are a big no. These items need to be brought new and fresh. As much as you like saving money, this is important if you care about your baby’s health.These are some of the items that are off limits from buying as a second hand item for your baby. Your new born needs to be kept safe and clean. So, don’t offer to have broken cribs from your friends and avoid the clothes with stains. There’s nothing more important than creating a safe home for your baby.