Why You Shouldn’t Buy Hand Me Downs For Your New Baby?

As new soon to be mums, your first instinct when shopping for your baby is to look for cheap products and hand me downs because you have to start saving money for the crib that you saw in a shop. This is where every parent goes wrong. Buying hand me downs for your first new born baby or using the same towel sheets for your second child. Although hand me downs are emotional and nice, some of them are not safe enough for your new born. As much as you would want to save some money on your income, it’s advisable not to have everything that is a second hand or used by for other kids. Here’s a list of things that you shouldn’t pass down to your new born baby and why you shouldn’t.


Toys are not very expensive and all your newborn would need is a rattler or baby gym. The soft toys are not that expensive and you can always opt out from getting second hand toys for your little one. As parents we know that the only thing a new born can do is latch on to things and suck them. While this may sound cute, it won’t be cute enough to know that your newborn is nibbling away toy that has been used by another kid. New toys are your best option, so avoid looking for hand me downs.

Personal items

It’s always nice to pamper your second daughter with trendy online baby shop Australia from their siblings but their feeding bottle? Not so much. Don’t hesitate to consider that personal items such as breast pumps, and feeding bottles are okay to be used as hand me downs. This may sound as a tempting offer with the financial situations but decline it and buy your new personal accessories.

Stained and old appliances

A stroller and a car seat may sound like the last thing that is affordable but consider how much you want your baby to be healthy and safe. You do not want to place your child in a stroller that has juice box spilt all over it. As much as we like to get hand me downs, don’t offer to buy items with stains and that are beyond their expired dates.

Baby pacifiers and pads

While you might look for baby clothes online decline any pop up selling pacifiers and used pads of any kind. It could be a breast pad or a changing pad but these are a big no. These items need to be brought new and fresh. As much as you like saving money, this is important if you care about your baby’s health.These are some of the items that are off limits from buying as a second hand item for your baby. Your new born needs to be kept safe and clean. So, don’t offer to have broken cribs from your friends and avoid the clothes with stains. There’s nothing more important than creating a safe home for your baby.

Launching Your Own Brand

If you are a creative person and you absolutely love designing, it is only natural that you consider launching your own brand. Many creative young people dream of being able to design and show the world their creations while making money off their work but they are unfortunately stuck in a fulltime job because they are so dependent on the money that they make from their full time job. The high cost of living in this day and age forces young people in to full time jobs that they dislike and many of them feel trapped and imprisoned by these full time jobs that they dislike so much because of the money that they get at the end of the month from the job and this also leads to a waste of great talent.

Start small online
Fortunately we live in the age of the internet and today, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money in to getting attention to your products and your designs. The best thing that you can do is to start your branding and your business while you are still employed full time so that you are still getting your fixed salary at the end of the month but at the same time you are also able to pursue your dream during your free time and during your weekends. The first thing you will need to do is to design some gorgeous outfits and design a logo for your new brand. You can then get some clothing labels printed that you have put on to your clothing.

The key is to have your brand known and you can do this by starting a page on social media that you can share among friends and family. You will not need to invest too much money because you can start your business with about five to ten great designs that you can have made while also posting some of your on paper designs for people to see. You can purchase some iron on clothing labels which will not cost you much money at all for your readymade outfits.There are many secrets to great branding and you will need to study them before you launch your new brand. You will notice how people would pay a lot of money for a branded outfit which can be bought for a fraction of the cost if unbranded. You need to make people associate your brand with how they feel and you need to make them remember your brand and your name even if they do not buy anything at the beginning.

The Advantages Of Cloth Nappy Than Disposables

In every item that you have right now, there are certain pros and cons that you should take notice. But you need to become aware of it, and always take note of it. But no matter what, you just need to appreciate what can it do to you, especially for your child. Every item has an advantage and disadvantage, and needs to be compared before making a decision. For couples who already have newborn children, it is time for them to know what they really need in order to take good care of them.

One of the things that they really need is natural disposable nappies, especially if the baby wees and poos more often. In order for you to know the advantage of it, see to it that you are willing to learn in order to apply this for good. There are two kinds of them actually, which are cloth and disposable. These advantages will surely help you learn a lot in order to make things right for your newborn children. 

Long lasting and reusable products

Pocket cloth nappies can be reused rather than the disposable ones. It is important for you to know the real difference between the two. Once you have learned all of these things, it will be just simple for you to do this on a daily basis, and it will not be complicated anymore. There are still some couples who are relying on disposable ones, knowing all of the risks involved. Despite being cheap and affordable, it does not bring a lot of good value to you and your baby.

Minimize rashes

Another advantage of this one is that it can minimize the rashes of your baby while wearing this stuff. The whole reason of that is because of its quality, durability and uniqueness. Unlike the disposables, you just need to do some bulk buying and changing them more often, as compared to the cloth one. In addition to that, it does not have real support to prevent rashes for the kid. Even if they wee and poo too often, cloth type diaper may not avoid the rashes, but to simply minimize it for good.

Can save you a lot of money

This is indeed very good news to all parents. Instead of buying several disposable ones to control the wees and the poos of your baby, you can just buy few ones that can be reused and long lasting. Although it may initially cost you a lot compare to the disposable diaper, but it will be giving you great value in the long run, as it only needs you to do few changes and can be reused for good. This is how you need to take the advantage of cloth type rather than the ones that needs to be thrown to trash like no other.

Ways To Motivate Your Children To Do Better In School

As is the concern of every parent out there, it is natural to want your child to be the best they can be in every aspect of their life. This will typically also include making sure that thy do well from the very beginning of their school life.
However, while most individuals are usually overwhelmed with the need to see their children doing exceedingly well when compared to the others in his or her standard, you will want them to have the facto of competition in mind at all times.

However, expecting this of a child is extremely difficult, simply because the method of motivating a child to do well in all areas of his or her academic life as seen by an adult is one that can quickly confuse and tire a child. Here are a few ways by which you can motivate and encourage your chad to not only do a lot better academically but also encourage him or her to improve physically and mentally without being bound to just the literary aspect.

Draw up a time table along with our child
Although it is extremely important that your child is able to succeed academically, you will also need to make sure that your child’s life is balanced.  To do this you can consider investing and looking into things like cubby houses for sale which your child will enjoy playing in. Alongside discussing this with your child it is important that you sit down with whim or her or speak to the teacher in charge who will be able to help you to decide on what areas of his or her studies they need to improve in. To know more about cubby houses for sale, visit this page.

Encourage outdoor play
Although it is important that your child takes time off from looking at their books, in today’s day and age, resting usually includes a lot of screen time. Most children don’t rush off outside to stretch their legs and play with their friends; instead they chose to sit in front of a computer screen or the television.  Make it a point to ensure that if and when they have their free time they should use it to play outdoors. Look at a number of educational toys for your child to play in rather that spending on video games and other such items. By drawing up a timetable you will be able to encourage your child to dedicate a good part of your child’s time to their homework and to their other studies as well as dedicating a part of their time to actually play.

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